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The benefits of interactive online learning



  • refers to characteristics of individuals, job roles, workplaces and industry which can limit the degree to which training is accessible. (E-learning cannot overcome them all.)

At An Individual Level

  • Flexible Time: Online learning helps overcome the challenge of access by means of making learning possible at times and places that suited the individual (esp good for casuals, understaffing, etc),
  • Literacy: by engaging workers with limited literacy skills.
  • Learning style (not classroom-based); interactive, self-paced

At The Workplace Level

  • Facilities: Not all business have facilities that can be used as training facilities – training in a shed reduces training to “tool-box talks”?
  • Could even be done at home
  • Depots: the challenge of getting the same information to all employees across a number of locations.

At The Industry Level

  • Limited: Certificate of ?, BusNSW Regional Seminars (good for information for operators and managers); in-house training? Online training allows more detailed training, for all roles within the industry (managers, drivers, admin, etc),



  • The second concept in the matrix, ‘motivation’, refers to the factors which encourage training. These vary tremendously between individuals, employers

At An Individual Level

Job Satisfaction: most employees want to do a better job, get satisfaction from doing a job well.  The clearer the procedures about how to do that job well…the higher the motivation.  Training provides that in part.

Employees feel more professional

Financial: some operators pay their staff to complete relevant training.

At The Workplace Level

Quality: simply put – you get a better job done. OR you can use online training for counselling/discipline

Tendering process: training may be factor

Efficiency: the business machine is better “oiled” when more people know exactly what is expected and how to respond in various situations.

Compliance: many boxes are ticked in terms of BOAS compliance, contract compliance and WHS compliance.

At The Industry Level

Consistency:  information across the industry

Public Image: The better the training, the better the passenger experience, the more tickets or bus passes sold. 

Market Share: If the industry is arguing for a greater stake in the transport infrastructure solutions (esp in the cities) then it stands a better chance of winning that if it can demonstrate high quality training procedures.


At An Individual Level

Previous Learning Experience: Poor school experience; “I’m not good with computers”. Online learning can overcome both of these (we build them with this in mind; some operators use mentors, etc)

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